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Changzheng Hospital Biobank

     The Changzheng Hospital Biological Sample Library is the first in China to use a fully automated cryogenic Million-scale biological sample bank. It is also the only million-sample automated sample library in China that has been officially operated


       The long-term automatic biobank of Changzheng Hospital uses LiCONiC's BiOLiX STC automated storage system, WT liquid nitrogen tank, Shanghai Wange sample information management software, temperature and humidity monitoring management, and cryopreservation related consumables. Intelligent control, automated sample access, warehouse storage and triple security technology have the advantages of intelligence, automation, intensification and energy saving, which ensure the security of sample storage, make access more convenient and efficient, and reduce artificial.The probability of operation error and cross-contamination save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.    

"Human biological samples are extremely valuable medical research resources. Reasonable collection, safe preservation and effective use, and giving full play to their research value is an important task in the era of medical big data." Director Zheng Xingdong of Changzheng Hospital said that the sample library is mainly collected. 
Preservation of various human biological samples, such as blood, urine, saliva, tissues, cells, etc., to meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment, is the core link in the development of precision medicine and translational medicine research.
At present, the Shanghai Changzheng Hospital biological sample library has established a standardized operating procedures, standard procedural documents and a sound quality control system, the entire process to ensure the quality of biological samples. 
In the future, the fully automated biological sample library will be explored and researched in the fields of difficult disease diagnosis and treatment, war wound treatment, prenatal and postnatal care and anti-aging, open to the society and better serve the health of the people.





      The construction of automated biological sample library has improved the accuracy of sample access, high quality of storage environment and scientific process, which can greatly promote the scientific management and resource sharing of the biological sample library industry in China. In the era of large-scale sharing of sample libraries, it is an inevitable trend to accurately know the various resource information of the sample library and form a sample access and resource sharing distribution network assisted by computer systems, so the automated storage system will be the future organism. The priority of biaobank construction, more and more biological sample libraries will complete the transition from manual storage to automated storage.       

LiCONiC, the world's most experienced ultra-low temperature storage field,  and we have deep cooperation in China. We will provide more flexible and personalized design, from automated storage equipment to software development and consumable supply for China's automated biological sample library. 
The full range of automated storage solutions.

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