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Life bank of Dian
Dian Life Bank is a new business module of Dian Diagnostics. It is affiliated to Zhejiang Gene Health and Entrepreneurship Center (Gene Town), relying on the nationwide chain medical diagnosis platform and deep sea cold chain logistics as well as Shanghai Avantech's professional biology. The sample library system is dedicated to becoming a platform for the storage and management of individuals and public biological resources of integrated genes, cells and tissues with the aim of Chinese 's health.

Dian and Zhejiang Weiwei Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. to build a life bank, filling the technical gaps in sample processing and cell preparation, and perfecting the business chain from collection, transportation, preparation and storage; and Life Bank will work with major hospitals. Carry out multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperation, expand the scope of services and beneficiary groups, and jointly develop storage value.

Dian Life Bank aims to establish the largest life bank in East China, with an initial open library capacity of 2 million copies. It is constructed in strict accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and AABB standards. With the momentum of the vigorous development of the big health service industry, we will give full play to the unique business model, innovative technology research and development, and perfect management system, with the mission of “letting the people share health equally”, and “public welfare sharing” 

Dian Life Bank is divided into a public library and a private library. In addition to providing sample storage services to medical research institutions, the public library also receives sample donations from individuals. The private library mainly provides paid storage services for individuals to create a surviving surviving account. A comprehensive sample library that is visible. Share health data, share health samples, health comes from everyone, and Dean Life Bank stores everyone's health.

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